Tom Cripps, CPA

Tom Cripps

CFO & Firm Administrator


Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration, CPA

What is your area of specialty – how do you best help your clients?

Firm Administration-I consider the firm’s employees as my clients so my assistance involves whatever I can do to make their job easier and less stressful. My client is also the firm and owners so I feel it is my obligation to do what I can to put the firm in the best financial position that I can.

What are your top 5 strengths? What is your favorite strength?

Restorative (which is my favorite because I love to fix things and try to take something that is either not working properly or looks in rough condition and bring it back to as close to its original condition as possible), Includer, Empathy, Harmony, Consistency.

How do you like to give back to the community?

Board/community involvement I am involved with our church on finance council as well as Knights of Columbus where I spend a lot of time using my talents to help these and other organizations.

What are your superpowers – something you’re good at that others should know about?

Good at problem solving

Accomplishment you’re proud of?

Building a successful role at Hungerford where I am a respected and am having a ton of fun doing what I enjoy to do with people that make working much more than a job but a great career.

Tell us about your life outside of work (family/pets/sports/activities/interests/hobbies)

I enjoy spending time with family doing outside activities which include hunting, fishing, vacationing and helping family however I can assist. My other hobbies include woodworking and basic home remodeling as well as watching and supporting all of Michigan’s professional sports teams .

What is your favorite part of working at the firm?

Being able to help others in many ways and being a go to person when it comes to general firm knowledge and how to deal with various situations. I also like to work among the firm’s staff as I love the culture and the day to day comradery that we all share.