Green Team Initiatives

Hungerford is Going Green!

Among our many commitments to the community is our dedication to environmental sustainability. When it comes to your business and your money, Hungerford’s Green Team believes in saving you as much “green” as we can. We think the Earth deserves that same courtesy. We aim to be a sustainable CPA firm focused on the triple bottom line that is leading the curve for others.

Reduce our environmental impact and be a leading environmental and socially oriented organization.

Check out some of the ways we’re making that happen below:

Sustainability in Action

  • Established a green office team and developed a sustainability vision.
  • Implemented green office procedures into new hiring orientation.
  • Developed a corporate social responsibility program.
  • Implemented a green initiative throughout the office including composting, recycling, paper gator and trash reduction.
  • Removal of trash cans at each employee’s desks encouraging the recycling effort.
  • Replaced existing roof and increased insulation.
  • Reduced our water and energy consumption
  • Instituted a green product purchasing plan.
  • Decreased our paper usage and continue with our “paperless” initiative.

Learning, Education, & Communication

  • Lunch and learns hosted by our Green Team members
  • Green Challenges
    • Reducing your carbon footprint
    • Reducing use of plastic bags
  • Central communication channel for firm messages re: Green Team
    • How to have a “green” mindset through the holiday season
    • Energy saving and survival tips for your home
    • Recycling Guide & Accepted Materials
  • Social media content


2020 Tree Planting at Blandford Nature Center

Team members from our firm spent the day at the Blandford Nature Center and planted 45 trees in an area of Blandford that previously had invasive tree species taken down and needed to be repopulated with native trees. It was a great team building opportunity and a way to give back to our community and planet. They may have been small trees, but like Dr. Seuss’s Onceler said “I know it may seem small and insignificant, but it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become”

Connect With Our Team

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