Who We Are

The Hungerford Edge

Let’s face it: most CPA firms tend to feel the same — full of number crunchers who report financial history, print reports, and meet deadlines. There’s very little to differentiate one firm from another.

Why Hungerford is Different

Then there’s Hungerford. Sure, we also do our work by the book – but that’s where we start, not stop. Our people are valued for not only being conscientious but creative too. They delve deep into your business to find opportunities and cost-savings that you probably didn’t even know existed. Good ideas that add up, as we call them. That’s who we are!


We are dedicated to building relationships and implementing strategies that enhance the well-being of our employees, clients, and community.

Our Values

VISIONARY – We endorse a culture that anticipates new trends and products and encourages the development of new ideas and services.

A BALANCED LIFE – We encourage employees to have a balanced life by offering flexibility in work schedules, styles, methods, and approaches.

LIFETIME LEARNING – We help employees maximize their career growth and enhance their personal development through continual training and education opportunities.

UNITY – We promote an atmosphere of teamwork, inclusiveness, and respect to enhance the level of service to our clients.

EXCELLENCE – We promise a high level of personalized services to our clients with consistent communication, long-term relationships, and innovative ideas.

SUPPORT – We encourage participation in civic, community, and professional organizations and value our relationships with our clients, affiliates, vendors, referral sources, and each other.

Our clients tell us we’re a bit more laid back than the other guys. Sure, we’re friendly and genuine, but don’t let that fool you. Professionally, we’re all buttoned up. And technologically speaking, we feel at home on the leading edge. But we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Our team members are even known to crack a joke now and then. We can’t promise it will be funny. But then, the edge you get by working with Hungerford is nothing to laugh at either.

Connect With Our Team

Get in touch with our CPAs and business advisors today. We have five locations across West Michigan to help serve you better. Visit our offices in Grand Rapids, Greenville, Holland, Muskegon, or St. Joseph.