Fun Team

The FUN Team at Hungerford!

At Hungerford we believe in building a culture that creates a healthy working environment for our team. That’s where the fun team comes in!

The work we do for our client’s is important but so are the people on our team. That’s why it is important for us to bring the whole team together throughout the year to celebrate the work we do, the people we employ, and to generally kick back and relax.

Fun Team Events

  • Family Nights
  • Holiday Parties
  • Tax Day Parties
  • Halloween Costume Contests
  • Monthly Happy Hours
  • and more!

It’s our belief that by giving our people these opportunities, they are able to unwind, enjoy their time at work, build relationships, and better serve our clients, every day of the year.

While we work hard, we also play hard and our Fun Team brings us all together to truly be one big happy family!

Connect With the Fun Team

If you are interested in joining the Fun Team or want to learn more about our party planning activities, reach out to us by clicking the button below.